dog kennel

Dog Kennels


After we moved to George for business reasons, we bought the small holding we are presently at and started the Barnyard Donkey Sanctuary to accommodate the abused and neglected donkeys in the area. In an effort to raise funds, we converted an old milking stable on the property into 12  boarding kennels.
Through the years from 2000, we have increased the kennel facilities to 67 dog kennels.
We have 4 large grassed and securely fenced play areas for the dogs which they enjoy three times a day. Access to the play areas is through a double gated secure area making it impossible for any dogs to get out. All kennels have wooden beds and curtains to create a home like feel.Kennels are sterilised and cleaned daily with clean bedding provided.
Owners who wish to supply their own bedding and toys, are welcome to do so. Please ensure that all items brought are CLEARLY MARKED. Please do not bring any items that have sentimental value or which you would be sad to lose. Management will not be held liable for the loss or damage of any items supplied. Should your dog arrive with any ticks, fleas or any other nasties we will treat and charge accordingly.


All dogs are fed twice a day, unless otherwise specified by the owner.
The standard fare at Barnyard is Montego Pellets served with chicken and rice cooked on a daily basis.
We understand that there are many varying diets for pets and are happy to feed according to your pets diet should you provide their food in clearly marked containers.


We also cater for Post Op pets, Diabetic dogs that need insulin injections, etc. Critical medication will be charged at the rate of R10 per day. Should we be concered about your pet we will take them to your vet where possible, without hesitation.


Do not make a big fuss of your pet prior to arrival at the kennels, they pick up on the owners anxiety,which makes it difficult for them.
Kiss them goodbye and we will do the rest.
When your pets arrive back home spoil them with love and playtime.
Do not spoil with junk food and sweets it can cause an upset tummy.